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In most survival games, PvP & combat is one of the most important parts to get right as a developer. Hytale is no exception. Due to the fact that Hypixel Studios (Hytale creators) have a long history with Minecraft, they will know that combat will be an extremely important factor in Hytale's success.

Combat must have the perfect balance between simplicity, and depth. This is because a new player must be able to quickly learn the basics, however, a veteran should always be able to improve their PvP ability. Many players claim that Minecraft had this balance perfectly, however in their controversial 2016 1.9 Combat Update, the player base was split into two groups that prefered the other way of combat. This is because Mojang completely revamped combat from a fast-paced click fast to fight style to a slower-paced method.

So what do we know about Hytale combat? Hytale hopes to diversify combat by adding a large amount of different weaponry. Hytale won't be a game like Minecraft with just a sword and a bow, there will be many, many ways to fight mobs in the game. Hytale features the 4 categories of combat: melee, ranged, defence and magic. Melee weapons come in all shapes and sizes. For example, we know there will be axes like the Demonic Axe that will be used for close up melee combat. However, not only do the different melee weapons have a varying amount of damage stats, many weapons also come with varying attack speed, dual-wielding capabilities and attack extras that will allow for buffs such as a life-stealing effect that allows you to gain a small amount HP for all of the damage you inflict to other enemies.

Tooltips showing info about the Demonic Axe

We also know that there will be magic in the game, which allows your player to learn magic spells that you can use to heal & buff yourself, but also to damage enemies. In the graphic shown below, you can see a concept that looks to showcase the different key elements in Hytale: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind, and Void. We can assume these to be the core elements used in magic.

Magic concept showing element info

Hytale have recently revealed in the April 30 2020 Progress Update that there will be 2 different item selection wheels in Hytale, key binded as default to Z for items/weaponry, and X for consumables. The Z key will be used to display an item selection wheel for items such as Shields, torches and blocks, whereas the X will be purely for consumables, such as food, drink & alchemy potions.

Item selection wheel for consumables

We also know that Hytale will feature a crafting system different to Minecraft, where the player must explore the map and find the different crafting recipes, instead of just gathering the materials required to craft the weapon.

We're so excited to explore the modular dynamics of the Hytale combat system! After all, we're gonna need some awesome weapons to be able to defeat bosses like the Void Dragon and the https://hytaleguide.net/mobs/yeti

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