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Hytale Guide

Hytale Guide is a wiki dedicated to help all Hytale enthusiasts learn and master the game. View detailed Hytale adventure mode item information, weapon stats, mob specifics, boss info and much more! Although Hytale is currently unavailable to play, we will update this wiki with all information currently known in Hytale.

What is Hytale?

Hytale is a multiplayer sandbox RPG created by the extremely successful Minecraft server owners, Hypixel. Hytale features a voxel-based aesthetic which compliments the creative abilities within the game. Hytale features a substantial amount of in-game content such as questing, looting & fighting, as well as intensive modding capabilities built for everyone with a creative vision.

The developers stated that they created Hytale with "three main pillars" in mind:

  • A story-based adventure mode which involves a procedurally generated world with the ability to do anything you like, playing as an exuberant adventurer.
  • Minigames designed to allow you to play with and test your PvP abilities vs other players.
  • Creative modding utilities to allow anyone to put their creativity to the test.

The content revealed by Hytale has all been announce either through their Blog, or by watching the Official Hytale Trailer. You can learn more information about Hytale by reading our Guides section.


Items in Hytale can range from weapons to food, and can be found just about anywhere around the alterverse. Whether you craft an them, complete a quest and receive them as a reward, find them in a dungeon container or kill a boss for them, items will be with you throughout your journey.


Hytale Mobs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are friendly and cute, others are hostile and terrifying. Whether you're looking for how to find a certain NPC, or if you want to learn what drops a monster drops when killed, HytaleGuide has your back! Browse through a selection of mob categories and learn their stats here.


In the alterverse of Orbis there are a variety of different zones, ranging from the fiery pits of the Devastated Lands, to the jolly, wildlife abundant Emerald Grove. Different zones contain different mobs, items and structures. Find out what mysteries behold in each zone.


We have created a selection of guides that cover all topics related to Hytale. Whether you're trying to figure out how to get your head around our Discord Bot, or you want to learn more about Hytale's upcoming release - our guides will be a great place to learn new information.

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