Alterverses are planets in the Hytale universe, each alterverse contains different zones, with specific structures, mobs, and surprises waiting for you! Besides Orbis, there are 4 other Alterverses the player will eventually be able to travel to, the names of these are as follows: Numdrassi, Nexus, Tor'Balyn, and Karpak. There will only be 1 portal dungeon per Zone, and you won't be able to break anything inside it.

There will likely be specific races on the Alterverses, and some Alterverses have suns, and some do not. They are all interconnected and very unique worlds that each will play a part in the Adventure mode in Hytale. At the moment we only know information about Orbis (the main planet), but as we learn more information about other alterverse this list will be expanded.

Click on an alterverse to further understand what alterverses are whilst we all wait for more information!