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Usernames are a huge part of any multiplayer game, every player wants an attractive username that fits them specifically, however in Hytale, usernames are unique, meaning a single name will not be able to be used twice. This unfortunately means if you're not first to choose your name, someone else might take it before you! Hytale announced that in the coming months, they will be rolling out their name reservation system:

Hytale usernames will be unique. This means that there can only be one 'Bob' or one 'Sally'. We understand how important names are to players, so we're excited to let you know that we've developed a name reservation system that will become available at some point within the next few months. More details to come.

Due to the fact that this was announced during their FAQ blog post on the 13th of December 2018, we can be sure this system will be announced very soon. We assume in order to reserve your chosen username, you should be ready to fill out a form on the Official Hytale Website as soon as the system releases and frequently check your email that you signed up for beta with to see if you have received an email about reserving a username as there will be many players like yourself that are itching to grab their OG name. If you haven't signed up for beta, read how to do so on our How to Sign up for Hytale Beta guide.

If you would like to reserve your username on our platform, make sure you head on over and register before it's too late! We are giving out limited pre-release badges for all the users that sign up before Hytale releases!

When choosing your username for Hytale there are a few things you should take into consideration, such as ensuring the name isn't inappropriate. This is because when the game comes out, having an inappropriate username could hinder your ability to play on certain servers, as they might not allow users with explicit names. It has currently not been confirmed if you will be able to change your name once you've created an account. So you should make sure you don't choose a name that you will regret if you're not able to change it at a later date.

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