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After a successful launch, we're extremely grateful and satisfied with how the past 24 hours after our release has passed. We (the HytaleGuide team) have sunk many hours, along with even more sleepless nights into HytaleGuide, and I can happily say I have absolutely no regrets. We are super excited for Hytale to launch and even more excited to watch our community grow even stronger.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of our first (significant) release of HytaleGuide, which came with an update that brought user registration, commenting and badges to HytaleGuide, outlined in our (very old) tweet. After a myriad of updates and multiple complete overhauls, we're extremely proud to announce the best version of HytaleGuide!

What Has Changed?

We're hoping you don't need to read this guide to work out what has actually changed with the platform, but other than a sexy new look, HytaleGuide 3.0 has brought many new awesome features to life, which will be outlined and explained below:

Wiki Creation & Editing

Users are now able to submit their own wiki pages that will be listed in the relevant category, currently supporting: items, mobs, zones, and alterverses. You can check out this feature and submit your own page by visiting the Create Dashboard. All submissions will be manually reviewed and you will be notified within 24 hours whether your submission has been approved or denied. You are also able to edit existing pages on the wiki by clicking the Edit Page button on each wiki entry.

Community Forum

One of my personal favorites, we have added a sleek new Community Forum to HytaleGuide. The forum provides a place for Hytale enthusiasts to discuss, theorize, and just chat to other members on the platform (not forgetting about earning that sweet sweet reputation)!

Overhauled Badges

Badges (formerly known as achievements), have undergone a complete overhaul and have been scaled to provide a levelling system, which allows users to progress their badge to higher levels. Don't forget to claim your limited edition Club 3.0 badge by visiting the Home Page and clicking the confetti covered button on the right of the page!


When signed in, you will now recieve notifications for activity throughout the site. Some of the activity that you will see in your notifications include:

  • Earning and progressing badges
  • Other users upvoting your forum posts and comments
  • Replies to your comments
  • Approvals / denials of your wiki submissions / edits

There are several other features that have been implemented, but we're sure you'll find them out as you explore the site!

Future Plans

Despite the countless hours sunk into working on HytaleGuide, we're commited and even more motivated to bring awesome new features to life, we have many plans for the near future that we will be announcing shortly. If you have any feedback or suggestions, be sure to leave a comment below!

For one last time, I'd like to thank every single one of you for making turning our hobby into such an awesome place for all avid Hytale (future) players, and we're looking forward to seeing your names around the site!

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