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The Hytale model maker is a piece of software that enables creators to model, animate & texture models in Hytale. The HMM allows for 3D modeling of game assets ranging from entities, items to prefabs. This supports modders and creators to create unique assets that can be used within Hytale.

As well as texturing assets, the Hytale Model Maker provides the ability to effortlessly animate actions for mobs in Hytale. In the video shown below, you can the Hytale Model Maker being used to animate the running animation for a zombie within Hytale.


Timelapse of a zombie being animated in the Hytale Model Maker

From the teasers that the Hytale team has released, the Hytale Model Maker allows creators to be able to switch between built-in software texture programs, to other photo editors - such as Adobe Photoshop CC (shown in sneak peeks in the HMM blog post). This may not seem like a huge deal, but it allows for a significant amount of extra features added to the program, such as gradient mapping, and blending options that can be used in the third party photo editors, and then subsequently used within the HMM.

Have you ever wondered the question:

How are people creating Hytale model fan art if the Hytale Model Maker isn't out yet?

These people are using similar software such as Blender, CraftStudio & Blockbench, as they wait in anticipation for the release of the HMM. CraftStudio is the application that will likely have the most resemblance to the Hytale Model Maker, due to the fact that Hytale hired the developers of CraftStudio do help create an enhanced version of the Hytale Model Maker.

We're extremely excited to learn more about the Hytale Model Maker and what it can do, but we're curious? What is the first thing you're going to model when the Hytale Model Maker has been released? Let us know by tweeting us at @HytaleGuide!

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