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Hytale is a game that has been on many people's radar ever since they first announced it with their Official Trailer in December. There is an extraordinary amount of hype around the game due to some of the incredible features showcased in the trailer and Blog Posts. While we have no confirmed exact date for Hytale's release, it has been confirmed by the Hypixel team in the November 2019 Development Update that Hytale will be playable by everyone in 2021.

When asked if Hytale would use a beta testing platform, they replied with:

Yes. You can register for the waiting list right now, in fact! Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information about upcoming tests.

We can assume the beta will be released before that. If you would like to know the full details on how you can sign up for the Hytale Beta Access, read our guide on How to Sign up for Hytale Beta.

In the latest blog post, they talk about how the success of the trailer raised the stakes when it comes to development, and meeting the player's expectations. We can only try to understand how much pressure the developers are feeling as it's safe to say they were not expecting the trailer to be viewed 50,000,000 times. Due to this fact, development may take longer than initially anticipated by the team, and we can only wait and see what the future has to offer.

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