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Ever since the launch of the trailer, we have all been wondering if Hytale will be a free-to-play game, or if it will come at a price. Obviously there are positives and negatives to having a free-to-play game, you bet we'll be diving into all of the information in this rundown.

Free-to-play games are always a gamble, however if done right - it can be worth the loss of the initial cost. Hytale or Hypixel Studios have not stated whether Hytale will be a paid or free-to-play game yet. When Hytale took part in an FAQ, they revealed information about their business model.

When asked if Hytale would be a free to play or paid game, they replied with:

We're still finalising the exact details of the business model. When that's done, we'll share more details!

This lets us know that it is a possibily that Hytale will feature a free-to-play business model. If so, there is a possibility that they could introduce micro-transactions within the game. These micro-transactions could include:

  • Customizable character changes (only affecting aesthetics)
  • Access to more games/features within the game
  • In-built server hosting
  • Concept similar to Minecraft's Realms

There is a high probability that Hytale will be a paid game, with the price likely ranging between $10-20. Whether Hytale becomes a free-to-play game or a paid game, you can bet your sweet cheeks us at HytaleGuide will be playing it at the release date!

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