Cattle are found in the Emerald Grove. It is possible to tame cows and use them for milking and possibly their meat. Additionally, an image and video have been released of the Hytale team collecting manure - who knows what this could be used for in the game! Cow faeces could be used as fertilizer, more information is due to be released soon.

Check out the gallery below to see the previously mentioned video and images!

Where to Find Cows

Cattle will be located munching on the green grass of Emerald Grove (Zone 1).


A Cow is a type of animal that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Emerald Grove.

Beasts Family

The Cow is part of the Beasts family. Beasts are a group of creatures that can be found in the various zones within Orbis. These beasts range from animals such as a bear, to the smaller, cuter cactee!

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