A small anthropomorphic fox-like creature who lives in Howling Sands. Not too much is known about the feran's behaviour but we know they come in different classes and variations, such as warriors and shaman. The ferans have long horns and wear skull armor, possibly from the past Scaraks they have defeated.

History of the Ferans

A time not too long ago, the ferans were enslaved by the scaraks. The scaraks bugs would chain the ferans up so they couldn't escape and force them to do manual labor, such as mining for resources and build large structures for the Scarak Broodmother to be worshiped in, within the Howling Sands. We don't yet know how the ferans managed to escape and liberate as a race, but at some point, they must've conquered liberation as a faction.

To this day, the older ferans still wear Freedom Bracers around their ankles, and the younger ferans wear them around their arms, to remind them of their past slavery. The bracers are engraved with the Wind symbol, which is also known as the Freedom symbol and is shown in the artwork that showcases the 6 Elements Varyn and Gaia control.

Where do Ferans Live?

Ferans live in small huts and villages scattered around the Howling Sands, this could suggest that the ferans have only recently broke free from their past slavery background, which could by why they are still a poorer race and have not yet build a solid community with complex buildings and other structures.


A Feran is a type of faction that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Howling Sands.

Feran Family

The Feran is part of the Feran family. Ferans are a race that live in the Howling Sands. Previously enslaved by the Scaraks, these fox-like creatures wear freedom bracers around their ankles as a homage to their background of slavery. Not much is known about them other than they come in various classes such as Shaman, Warriors & Rangers.

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