Why walk when you could jump? Frogs hop from place to place, but don't be scared! These green guys are an ambient mob - you won't see them attacking the player!

Although do be weary - whilst the frogs won't attack you, they are treasured by the Fen Stalkers! These monsters will defend the frogs at all costs! So tread carefully!

Where to Find Frogs

Fancy some frog spotting? Head to the Emerald Grove, otherwise known as Zone 1, to find this animal.


You can identify where a frog lives based on its color: green frogs will be found near swamps, whilst orange ones have been seen in the Hytale trailer. Who knows what other forms are to come!


A Frog is a type of animal that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Emerald Grove.

Underwater Creature Family

The Frog is part of the Underwater Creature family. The underwater creature's family encompasses any mob that lives in or around water. It comprises of creatures living in rivers, living on the ocean shelf, and mobs in the depths of the deep ocean. The underwater creatures include all species of fish in Hytale, as well as many others.

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