They have only one eye. The Klops are mostly peaceful and live in the woods. Mostly they are loners, but they are also very strong. And supposedly, they often hid secret treasures

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Kyros Hytale ???
(pre-release) 2M

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Kyros Hytale Member
(pre-release) 2M

I don't know why, but in my mind appeared concept of "uncle Stan" Klop and like Lord Klop, like Klops by them selves live lonely but fancy life (or at least trying to look fancy, ya know, like dragons which love to sleep on piles of gold) but Lord Klop would be fancies of them all like wearing expensive silk robe (which is similar to what we can see on concept art but fancier) and having house filled with expensive high quality things and trinkets.

Kyros Hytale Writer
(pre-release) 2M

@Demandro Yeah I think that's something similar that the Hytale team are going for, but we just know very little about the Klops at the moment.