Outlander warriors are part of the hostile Outlander faction. Their camps can be found throughout the freezing Borea. The battle for survival initiates with the brutal warriors, sent to gather food and materials for the rest of the faction.


A Outlander Warrior is a type of faction that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Borea.

Outlander Family

The Outlander Warrior is part of the Outlander family. The outlanders are a brutal breakaway human faction that lives in the snowy mountain ranges of Borea. They all wear masks to hide their identity, as a metaphor to show their lack of concern for their victims. They are intelligent and very territorial, setting their camps up around zone 3 to protect the weaker members of the faction.

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Trork Concept Avatar Member
(pre-release) 9M

update this

Trork Concept Avatar Member
(pre-release) 2M

I editted this page and it has been of 48 hours they probably are not reviewing stuff and just do there own thing

Varyn Avatar Admin
(pre-release) 2M

Apologies for the late review, it has been published!

Kyros Hytale Writer
(pre-release) 1W

Might I add that in the concept art the "Faun" is shown in zone 3 and is speculated to be a more friendly faction in zone 3 that can possibly tame, or be friends with the snow wolves.