A seedling is an adorable young form of a Kweebec. Seedlings are friendly inhabitants that will become allies when they grow older.


A Seedling is a type of faction that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Emerald Grove.

Kweebec Family

The Seedling is part of the Kweebec family. Kweebec's are a peaceful faction of small tree-like creatures, the clothing, and weapons they used to look to be made from leaves and wood that they could find near their Riverlands habitat. They are the rival faction to the Trork that fight to protect the Emerald Grove's peace. Kweebec's don't actually eat, they sunbathe, absorbing their nutrients from the sun via photosynthesis and extracting water through their feet.

A Kweebec has 5 stages in their life. Starting from a Seedling, which is dropped to the ground from Ancestral Trees and looks like small saplings, throughout their cycle they slowly start to sprout arms and legs, transforming into a young Kweebec, who seem to have pet rabbits to help them on their youthful adventures. Thanks to the Treeslingers that help them through this journey, the Kweebec ends it's youth and grows into the adult Kweebec we all know and love!

As Kweebec's get older, they become the Treeslingers that once helped them and return the favor by helping the younger Kweebec's grow. Finally, the once little tree-like creature becomes a fragile Autumnal Elder. On the last day of its life, the Autumnal Elder prepares to sleep for the last time, transforming its body into an Ancestral Tree which will drop young seedlings.

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