The skeleton soldier is a type of Skeleton that can be found in the devastated lands. It comes equipped with a sword so make sure you're ready to brawl!


A Skeleton Soldier is a type of monster that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Emerald Grove, Devastated Lands.

Skeleton Family

The Skeleton Soldier is part of the Skeleton family. Skeletons are undead monsters that are made up of bones with no flesh. These skeletons come in all sorts of class and stature.

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HytaleGuide page media Member
(pre-release) 1y

Im guessing that the Skeleton Soldier lives in almost all the Zones and that this is just one variation.

Varyn Avatar Member
(pre-release) 1y

Ive got some white walker vibe from GoT, by seeing this mob.