Not much is known about the Frog Monster, but the little existing current knowledge states that it is similar in appearance to the Frog, except for that it has spikes on it's back, a row of jutting teeth, and a bulging jaw, as well as large legs with foot webbing. It is not known if there are any variants of the Frog Monster, but, seeing as the Frog has both a lime green and an orange version, it can be assumed that something similar will take place for the Frog Monster.


The Frog Monster's predicted behavior includes what is similar to a Frog's known behavior, with aspects of hopping in terms of movement, croaking in terms of sound, and overall passive acting towards players. It can also be seen in images that the Frog Monster can swim. Some inferences and theories include suggestions that the Frog Monster might act like the Fen Stalker in that it will protect it's smaller species, the Frog.


The Frog Monster will probably live in the swamps of Emerald Grove (Zone One), as that is where it is spotted in images, and its Alterverse is assumed to be Orbis.

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i love how the name is just "frog monster" loll