The Scarak are found in Zone 2, the Howling Sands. They occupy hives and have multiple different variants to encounter. Much like ants in the real world, Scaraks have workers, warriors, and a queen at the center of it all.

Scaraks used to enslave Ferans, until they broke free. The details of how or why are as yet unknown. We do know that Ferans took to wearing their shackles, now known as 'Freedom Bracers' as a symbol of their new-found freedom from slavery.

Variations of Scarak

There are multiple variants of Scarak:

  • Scarak Warrior - The Scarak Warrior are the most commonly found Scarak
  • Scarak Locust - The Scarak Locust are flying variations and can shoot projectiles at the player
  • Scarak Tank - The Scarak Tank have a shield for a head and are theorised to have the highest defence
  • Scarak Worker - The Scarak Workers work in the hive taking care of the eggs, larvae, and doing miscellaneous jobs for the Broodmother
  • Scarak Broodmother - The Scarak Broodmother are the queens of the Scarak race. They will probably be found deep within the hives surrounded by protection!

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