Trorks are an enemy found in Zone 1, The Emerald Grove.


Trorks can be found in occasional camps around Zone 1. Trorks will give a warning roar before attacking the player on site. However, you can distract a Trork by placing some meat on the ground. Once spotted, the Trork will run to the floating item and eat until it disappears, leaving you plenty of time to get away or fight!

Variations of Trork

Trork have a few different variants that they can be found in:

  • Trork Chieftain - The Trork Chieftain is the leader of the trorks
  • Trork Hunter - Trork Hunters are savage fighters who often go into battle alongside a tamed Wolf
  • Trork Sentry - Trork Sentries can be seen using a large spear in one hand, speculated to help guard Trork outposts
  • Trork Shaman - Trork Shamans are seen holding a mystic staff, their true purpose is as yet unknown
  • Trork Warrior - Trork Warriors can be thought of as the main soldiers of the Trork family, they seem like they will make up the bulk of the Trorks you encounter

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Kitthavenabout 3 years ago

I love that you can throw meat to distract them lol

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