Tropical Jungles appear as lush, moist forests with lots of life and economy in the brushery. Pink trees, glowing plants, giant herbs, and so much more exotic flora give this biome a distinct look.


Tropical Jungles can only be found deep underground the Devastated Lands of Zone 4. Although the surface of Zone 4 is no less than a barren wasteland (with lots of lava), the hidden caves underneath that shelter the Tropical Jungles thrive with lots of mobs and plants.


The inhabitants of Tropical Jungles include Slothians, Cave Rexes, and triceratopses.


The use of the Tropical Jungles is not quite clear, but it is evident that the biome could be used to gather wood, hunt dinosaurs, or to even just explore. The Tropical Jungles have lots to do in, and can be inhabited by players (food + water source)

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