Melee Weapons are one of the main weapon classes in Hytale, used for close quarters attacks, as opposed to Ranged Weapons or Magical Attacks.

There are different varieties of melee weapons, which can be found in exploration and be made at Weapon Benches. Melee weapons also can be varying materials, such as wood, steel, or thorium.


Swords are a common weapon that has appeared in a lot of media prior to Hytale's release. They appear to have a mid-range speed when attacking. They've also been shown to have different positions they can be angled at - the functionality of which is currently unknown.


Axes are a melee weapon with a slower striking speed than swords. According to the summer 2021 development update, they "build up powerful damage boosts by landing successive hits, encouraging all-in aggression."


Spears have been shown in several clips and images from the Hytale team. They are unique in their ability to function both as melee weapons and ranged weapons, striking in melee and being able to be thrown from a distance.

Spears have been shown to stick into blocks like targets when thrown.


A heavy type of weapon that also includes War hammers. Mace gameplay is slow and stamina-consuming but causes a lot of damage and knockback. Their basic attacks are left and right swings, their alternate attack is a hilt bash with high knockback. Their special attack is a powerful swing and their signature move is a leap into the air that deals massive knockback and damage to nearby enemies upon landing. Gameplay here


Daggers are dual-wield, close-range weapons with gameplay focused on quick attacks and dodging that seemingly allows the wielder to dash. Their special attack is a dash towards the opponent that deals damage and knockback on impact. Their signature move is several quick slashes. Gameplay here

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