Wiki - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a variety of commonly asked questions related to the HytaleGuide platform.

  • Am I able to contribute to the HytaleGuide wiki?

    Yes! To be a contributor to the Hytale wiki, you must create an account by clicking the sign up button in the top navigation bar. Once you've confirmed your email address you can edit any wiki page by visiting the page and clicking the rather large Edit Page button!

    You are also able to create a new wiki page either by clicking this link or by accessing it by clicking the + button in the upper right and selecting the wiki entry button!

    Thank you in advance for contributing and improving the experience of the entire HytaleGuide community!

  • How long does it take for my wiki submissions to be reviewed?

    Submissions are typically reviewed within a couple of hours and the majority are reviewed within 24 hours. Certain submissions require special attention in which case they may take longer than 24 hours. This is so we can spend more time reviewing the change to ensure the quality of our pages is upheld.

    Once your submission has been approved you will receive an email letting you know!

  • Will I be credited for my wiki submissions?

    Yes, your submissions are visible on your profile, along with your name listed on the page you contributed! You will also recieve account reputation for all accepted wiki contributions!

  • Can I view the edit history of a wiki page?

    Unfortunately you are not currently able to view the history of a wiki page, although after seeing the popularity of this suggestion, we are currently working on implementation!