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Hytale is a game that was inspired by Minecraft, but are they similar at all? From the first glance, we can all see the similarities between Minecraft and Hytale, being that they are both vovel-based block games with the appeal of community servers. However, there are a plethora of features that have been developed by Hypixel (the Hytale developers) that are not present in Minecraft. We're going to go through some of these examples.

Many features that make Minecraft so unique have been abolished in Hytale, such as the famous pattern-drawing crafting system. Crafting in Hytale simply requires the materials in the players inventory and a click of a button. Hytale has a more complex physics system set in place, which results in trees falling over when chopped down with an axe, as well as regular items being able to be thrown at an object, shown in the video below.


Mobs are extremely more complex in Hytale as apposed to Minecraft. Mobs will act in specific ways to suit their habitat and surroundings, this is demonstrated by the deer, who has been revealed to be uniting in packs. But these behavior characteristics aren't limited to their own species, mobs are able to have complex relations with each other. Such as the Outlander Rangers that are known to hunt bison, and the Kweebecs and Trorks that have had a rivalry in the Emerald Grove since we found out about them.


Another huge difference that sets Hytale apart is quests & boss battles. Hytale features many in-built quests in Adventure Mode, which serves as a guide for the player to follow, only if they choose to. These quests also feature many boss battles such as the Outlander Colossus and the Yeti, which seem to be much more abundant than the 2 bosses in Minecraft.

Magic is an element of Hytale that doesn't exist in Minecraft, excluding potions and enchantment of course. But we're talking about magic weapons, cool right? Many different magic spellbooks have been teased in various gameplay footage showcasing how many different types of weaponry there is in Hytale.

Unfortunately, we can't go into detail about all of the cool and unique features Hytale has to offer, so here are some honorable mentions:

  • Complex farming
  • More in-game animations
  • Easily modded
  • More weaponry, see Hytale combat guide
  • In-game server list
  • Alterverses
  • Vertical slabs

Don't just take our word for it, when questioned if Hytale is will be a Minecraft Killer Noxy, (Hypixel CEO) stated:

I also want to dispel a few misconceptions. We love Minecraft, We get on well with Mojang and Microsoft. There's been a number of occasions when we've cooperated on things, they invited us to a bunch of Minecons etc! We've hung out in real life - we've shared stories and meals.

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