From the only known screenshot of the Blunderbuss, we know it appears as metallic silver. The barrel is a slightly more pure shade of silver, with a hint of blue (almost an iron/cobalt color), and the handle is a light shade of brown. One Blunderbuss, when leaning against a block, is slightly higher than a wooden crate. The Blunderbuss also has two golden stripes and what appears to be a dial (possibly measuring the pressure) in between the two golden stripes.


It is currently unclear whether the Blunderbusses can actually be shot or if these items are simply to be used as decoration. However, if these items can fire, then we know that they will be ranged weapons that will likely require ammunition. Blunderbusses (outside of Hytale) are large-barreled firearms that were mainly used in the late 1700's. Blunderbusses require large bullets and have lots of kickback. It is presumed that all of these details (and time period-like representation) will be used if the Blunderbuss can be shot at all in Hytale.


The crafting materials and recipe to create the Blunderbuss in Hytale is currently unknown, but when this information becomes available, this page will be updated.

Damage Stats

We do not currently know the damage statistics of the Hytale Blunderbuss (if there is any damage at all, of course), but we do know that Blunderbusses in real life fire large bullets and deal loads of damage. It is likely (assuming that the Blunderbuss can be fired) that the Blunderbuss will deal lots of damage in Hytale as well.

When more information about the damage stats of the Blunderbuss becomes available, this page will be updated.

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