The Hytale Grenade is a mainly green weapon with a cross pattern of a darker shade of green and a black and silver handle to the left. The cap of the Grenade is a rusted shade of gray, a sign that it is made of metal.


The Hytale Grenade is used to create explosions in a short period of time, ideally to deal damage to Monsters or enemy players. The weapon is (probably) used by squeezing the handle. The player then has anywhere between 2-6 seconds (prosumedly) to throw the grenade or to drop it (and get away from it) before the fuse inside detonates and the Grenade explodes.


While the crafting materials or recipes to make a grenade in Hytale are unknown, we do know that Grenades are likely downloadable mods of the game. The twitter post that revealed the only image of the Hytale grenade states, "Modding in #Hytale can get a little...explosive!" This statement infers that the weapon is only a mod (however there is some speculation that it is the Kweebec's behavior of firing the rifle that is a mod).

Damage Stats

Although the current damage stats of the Grenade in Hytale are unknown, we do know that Grenades create explosions in the game (via the screenshot) and these explosions will likely deal a large amount of damage to any mob/player in the area.

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