The Hytale Rifle appears as a beat-up large firearm with a skull symbol near the trigger and a bandage near the barrel. The body of the weapon is black (most likely metal), but the ammunition box below is mainly brown, as well as the part of the firearm near the barrel. The barrel itself looks like it was made from an iron/silver type of metal. The gun stock is small and appears strangely blue.


The Rifle in Hytale is most likely used as a medium-ranged weapon to fight Monsters or other players. Based on the ammunition box below it, it is likely that it is a repeating weapon, and therefore it could also work at a very close distance. We also know that these weapons can be fired (A Kweebec was posted on Twitter firing one).


While we do not currently know the crafting recipe of the Rifle, this page will be updated when this information becomes available.

We can assume that this weapon requires some Iron to craft, based on its color.

Damage Stats

While the damage stats of the Rifle are currently unknown, we do know that firearms in real life deal quite a lot of damage and (can) deal even more damage at long range. Likely these attributes will be used (or have been used) in the Hytale game.

When this information becomes available, this page will be updated.

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Dont let the monkys get their hands on these!