Goblin Dungeons in Hytale appear as dark, gloomy caverns lit by the occasional Torch. These caverns are covered with walls made of Stone Bricks and Skulls decorate the ledges and floors of these dungeons.


Goblin Dungeons are extremely useful in the sense that they have loads of treasure (gold coins, books, and unknown bars of some ore that are likely valuable and can be crafted into weapons or armor). The treasure is owned by Goblin Dukes and is hoarded by thieving Goblins. This treasure is likely hidden deep in Goblin Dungeons and guarded by loads of Goblins to prevent it from being stolen so easily. Goblin Dungeons may also be used as underground bases (once ridded of the Goblins inside).


Goblin Dungeons only house one Faction: the Goblins.


Goblin Dungeons can only be found deep underground in caverns of Emerald Grove (which is also known as Zone 1).


The only dangers of Goblin Dungeons are the Goblins (and possibly the Goblin Dukes, although we are not quite sure whether they fight or just order around the Goblins. The Goblins in Goblin Dungeons throw bombs that explode and deal damage to players, so it is not recommended that players carry heavy weapons such as maces that slow the speed of the player, because this would make players more vulnerable to the bombs thrown by Goblins.

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