Prefabs are the term used by the Hytale's developers to describe structures that are predesigned and placed into the game world. They will come in a wide variety of types and styles depending on location. In the worldgen introduction blog post in January of 2019, the Hytale team said that at that time they had made 3,785 prefabs up to that point.

Functions of prefabs

Some prefabs can have unique triggers and events, such as being connected to quests. Many prefabs also appear to contain treasure for the player to find. Special encounters are also listed as a trait of some prefabs.

Nature Prefabs

Nature prefabs are among the most common and simple - all trees are prefabs, and will come in different varieties depending on zone and biome. Some rock faces will also be prefabs.


Dungeons are prefabs that "comprise multiple chambers and encounters joined by connecting passageways, often culminating in a 'Final Room', providing challenges and special rewards" (worldgen introduction).

Portal dungeons are a unique dungeon variety that require certain criteria to enter. When a player meets this criteria, they will enter an encounter with its own rules and terrain. Once inside the dungeon, the player will be restricted from breaking certain blocks.

The portal dungeons vary greatly, culminating in a portal that will lead the player to a new location such as The Temple of Gaia.

Special prefabs

Some prefabs will appear only once in the whole game world. One potential example may be places like The Temple of Gaia.

Player created content

Players will have full access to the prefabs used in the game and the ability to make their own. Players will also be able to share these creations with each other.

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