The Outlander Village in Hytale appears as a dimly-lit village (its only light source being torches) surrounded by tall trees. The Outlander Villages' structures may vary, but it is common for watchtowers (made of wood logs) to be seen scattered in a disarrayed fashion around the village. There is often a main building near the center, surrounded by wooden homes, that looms above the rest of the village. This main building is mainly made of Stone Bricks and has a gloomy look to it. A smaller building made of wood can usually be found on top of the main building. Large Stone Campfires can be seen in the midst of the villages, likely there to provide warmth to the Outlanders in the village, as well as light.


Outlander Villages can be used for many purposes in Hytale. They may offer loot for players to raid, they may offer shelter (once the Outlanders are ridded of), and they may simply offer use as bases for players (the Outlander inhabitants must also be ridded of for this to work, as the Outlanders are Monsters and therefore are hostile to players).

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Outlander Villages host large amounts of Outlanders, which are Monsters that are known to harm the nature and wildlife in Borea. One thing that is currently unknown about the Outlander Villages is the purpose of the high walls constructed around the village. It is possible that this is because the Outlanders share a rivalry with another Faction of Borea known as the Fauns.


Outlander Villages can only be found in the Pine Forests of Borea.

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