Shipwrecks are automatically-generated Prefabs that appear as old, three masted wooden ships with no sails. According to the gameplay shown in the Hytale trailer, Shipwrecks have algae growing on the wood and on the masts as well.


Shipwrecks can be found in the Ocean biome in Orbis and have only been seen deep underwater, meaning that players need to use a Diving Device to get to and loot.


According to a screenshot released on the official Hytale website, Shipwrecks can contain Chests that could possibly have artifacts or weapons of high value or use.


According to almost all screenshots shown of Shipwrecks, these Prefabs have lots of possible dangerous creatures around them. These creatures include the Hammerhead Shark, the possible great white shark, and the Fen Stalker, which are both creatures assumed to have the capacity to deal serious damage to players. A way to avoid these might be to dig underground and into the ship to avoid their attention.

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