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Hydmg.com is voted #1 Hytale SMP Server and releases Day 1 of "Beta" We offer three separate servers experiences from the start: 1. Vanilla ✅ 2. Faction ✅ 3. Deathban/modded ✅ (1 hr temporary deathban) HYDMG makes weekly/daily content and features episodes of Hytale "Meme Trailer" every week on Fridays! (2 are already released at the time of this post) FOLLOW US ON AT @HYDMG on any social media you prefer! We've opened our discord to the public, feel free to join up and find some like minded Hytale dreamers to theorize or just chat with! https://discord.com/invite/Y5geydQ8c3 *Currently at 23 members, our community is in our modded Minecraft server "Resurgence" (600+ downloads in two months) and discord which we plan to migrate to hydmg/Hytale on release* *We're not affiliated w/Hypixel studios or Riot games*
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