Emerald Grove is where the player will start their adventures. With lush fields, bountiful forests, steep hills, and deep ravines this zone will be a great place to explore. The Emerald Grove is full of varied animals. Some of the animals that live here include grizzly bears, deer, and spiders. It's also home to the Kweebecs and the Trork.

Zone Inhabitants

The Emerald Grove is a zone that habitates 47 different mobs, and that's only the information that Hytale have released now! Below are a list of all mobs we know can be found walking, flying, crawling, swimming and just chilling out in the Emerald Grove!

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Kyros Hytale Member
(pre-release) 1y

This is the perfect place for a roleplay game!

Varyn Avatar Member
(pre-release) 1y

your first house will be here

Kyros Hytale Writer
(pre-release) 1y

Most likely, yeah

Warrior hytale avatar Member
(pre-release) 4M

@SzymonNon8 naa, it will be in Borea.

Varyn Avatar Member
(pre-release) 5M

This game is going to look so nice holyyyyyyyyyy 3

Kyros Hytale Member
(pre-release) 5M

Omg it looks amazing

Varyn Avatar Member
(pre-release) 1M

My favorite zone :)

HytaleGuide page media Member
(pre-release) 2W

Looks good