Kweebec Villages are villages made of houses which are also living trees (that have been hollowed out). The trees have lots of Emerald-green leaves that rest on branches near the top. Lamps attached to ropes are found throughout a village, usually connected to a tree. Docks can be found near water and the edges of the river are decorated with Bulrush and Water Lilies.


Kweebec Villages are found in the Swamp biome of Emerald Grove, which is also known as Zone 1. All screenshots that display Kweebec Villages have shown them to be near a river.


Any Kweebec Village is the known home to only only species: the Kweebec. Kweebecs are constantly seen standing guard near the docks, supposedly trying to look out for any Trorks.


If in a Kweebec Village, do not bring out any type of Axe or any other item that could potentially harm the trees that make up the Kweebec Villages. In addition, to maintain a good status with the Kweebecs, do not harm them or any nature in the Kweebec Village.

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