We have currently only been provided one concept art of the fauns, but it's believed they will be the friendlier faction in Borea. They also seem be hunting with wolves, and they look to have control of some sort of magic.


Fauns are part human and part goat! they walk on 2 goat legs and from the stomach up, they have human bodies!

Where to find Fauns

They have been seen with white wolves which show they are in the snowy Zone 3, also known as Borea.


A Faun is a type of faction that be found in Orbis. It can be found in: Borea.

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HytaleGuide page media Member
(pre-release) 5M

I love them.

HytaleGuide page media Member
(pre-release) 6d

They are so mysterious

Varyn Avatar Member
(pre-release) 5d

There SOOOO cool