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Long ago, a winter storm so cold and windy hit Borea in the frosty month of December. Life was scarce and the surviving tribes of Kweebecs (who had migrated to the Zone not yet two winters ago) were forced into the caves, living in fear of the cold and the wind. Yet on one cruel winter's night, news was spread to one of the two remaining tribes that the other tribe was low on food and a hole had opened in the cave, letting the wind and ice inside. While the other Kweebecs of the unharmed tribe were too scared to brave the weather, one Scout went out to bring a basket of food and timber to the other Kweebec tribe. He disappeared, but his present was found on the doorstep the next day by Kweebec Guards. They say they caught a glimpse of him: walking in the direction of the woods, to become one with the whispers.
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