Orbis is the main, and first planet that players will spawn in. It is full of jungles, forests and mountain ranges, as well as a darker, fiery place called the Devastated Lands.

Zones in Orbis

Orbis features six zones in total, but only four have been revealed so far. These four zones that have been revealed are called the Emerald Grove, Howling Sands, Borea & Devastated Lands. These zones all feature unique biomes within their area. For example, there are snowy biomes in the Borea, as well as mountain ranges. There is an underground jungle biome that can be found in the caves of the Devastated Lands.

Orbis Ocean

Orbis features a large amount of oceans in the alterverse. The oceans start as a shallow sea, but lead to a very deep ocean, containing structurers, rewards and dangers, so beware!

Structures & Dungeons

There are different structures and dungeons located around Orbis. Each zone has different procedurally generated structures, but they all follow a few universal principles that make them similar, such as general layout, blocks used, and chest rewards. The factions (that we know about) that rule the four known zones are as follows:

Orbis Officers

In Orbis, there are officers that once served to protect Orbis. These two Orbis Officers are named Tessa & Kyros (you can choose Kyros in one of our avatars). Tessa appears to be a friendly, helpful Orbis Officer, however Kyros looks as he has been taken over by Varyn, due to the red eyes and mysterious look. We're sure more will be revealed about what happened to the Orbis Officers and what they're up to now.

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I am very intrested to see what the 2 "Unknown" Zones are.